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WOW.. our first time with the drop and I must say , they are amazing. Baked ,not fried. Tonight’s desert “apple pie” was perfect mix off sweet and crunchy.

Karen St. Esprit 10/17/2020 - Google

Excellent! The chimichurri sauce is really good, and we loved all of our empanadas. They're so easy to heat up. My 1.5 year old loved the mushroom! I haven't tried them all yet, so I don't know what my favorite is. Please come to zelie again! Though truthfully we would travel to cranberry as well. But we'll order every time that you come to zelie! I'm looking forward to trying more flavors.

Erin Jane 8/26/2020 - Google

WOW! First time ordering & cannot wait to get the empanadas again!!! Tried 8 of the 10 flavors offered this week & each one was delicious. Love the ease of ordering online & quick pick-up at the drop in Seven Fields.

MRST3 8/1/2020 - Google

We couldn’t wait to get home and try our empanadas. They were absolutely amazing. We can’t wait to order again!

Kendra Lynn 10/24/2020 - Facebook

SO GOOD! My mom has been dying to try, from word of mouth, and we ordered a set of 12. They were awesome. Not heavy, very tasteful and her sauces are delicious!

Ashley Gardner 10/1/2020 - Facebook