What is an Empanada?

Coming from the Latin "panis" or bread, Empanar in Spanish means to roll in a pastry. While commonly found in nearly all Central and South American countries, our empanadas are inspired from Argentina. Most empanadas in the US are a masa (corn flour) and wheat flour combination that are fried - here at Empanada Fusion our empanadas are NEVER fried - only baked with a traditional light, pastry like crust. Our dough is our hallmark and rivaled only by the savory and sweet fillings used inside our pastry. 

How many Empanadas should I get?

The name of each of our boxes says it all: 

Little Snack (3 empanadas)

Big Snack (6 empanadas)

Full Plate (12 empanadas)

E.F. IT (24 empanadas) 

3 empanadas is perfect for midday or late night snack; however, if it is meal you'll likely be craving another couple. Depending on how hungry you are 6 empanadas is likely a good option (the hardest part will be selecting which ones). If you are ordering for 2 people the Full Plate is perfect for sharing 5 savory + 5 veggies + 2 sweets and just add a salad and its the perfect dinner. When you simply cannot decide we find that people just say E.F. IT (Empanada Fusion It) and order 24 so you can taste everything on the menu!

How do Empanada Drops Work?

Each week we will post locations and times for Empanada Drops (see the Empanada Drops page for each week's times and locations). Place your order no later than midnight the day before the drop.  Be sure to utilize the drop downs to select your empanada drop, as well as your empanada & dipping sauce selections. Meet us at the location/time and we will have your order ready for pick-up. 

How do I find out about this week's Empanada Drops?

Each week we will post locations and times for Empanada Drops. The quickest way to find out where we are "dropping" this week is to follow us on Instagram or Facebook. You can also subscribe to our email list or check back each week to our website on the Empanada Drop page.

Can I just show up at an Empanada Drop and purchase empanadas?

Unfortunately no. Each empanada is baked to order and at each drop we deliver the orders that have been placed and pre-ordered on the website. If you have any questions please email, call or direct message us.

How long will you be at the Empanada Drop Location?

Each drop is promptly at the posted time. The times and locations are posted on our site, in email and on Instagram + Facebook.

Can you ship your empanadas?

At this time we are unable to ship :(

How do I reheat my empanadas?

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Place empanadas on baking sheet.  Warm empandas for 3-5 minutes.  

Can I freeze my empanadas?

Empanadas will last 3-5 days in the refrigerator. If you freeze your empanadas immediately they will last up to 90 days in the freezer. 

Why are taxes calculated at 7%?

Our kitchen operates out of Allegheny County therefore we are required to collect 6% PA sales tax AND an additional 1% for Allegheny County.